Sacred Streets

Synonym Art Consultation, 2021

Sacred Streets, 2021
Digital Print on Aluminum Panel

Throughout our city you will find medicines; hidden in back lanes and parking lots, planted and tended to in community gardens, thriving along rivers and parks. This land, though it now contains skyscrapers, roads, malls, and cars, is still sacred and the plants are still here to help us. A number of youth participants from the neighborhood ages 6 and up helped identify, collect, and print the medicines found in the North End and North Point Douglas to create this mural. Together, with the mentorship of Justin Bear, Graffiti Art Gallery, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre, and Synonym Art Consultation, the youth learned the names and uses of the medicines, how to create linocuts and monoprints of them, and were supported in assembling a digital printed medicine guide for the community to use. All these medicines are found in this area and you can use it to help you collect your own. Please lay tobacco and don’t pull them out by their roots. Thank them and respect them as family.